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Composing transformation
is a site-specific project built on Heimatland former Cargo Boat, now homeland of Hosek Contemporary Galery in Berlin. This unique space has served both - as a platform and as an inspiration for building the laboratory of sound. The interactive exhibition was made from repurposed objects, old musical instruments and materials gathered and scattered from the boat and it´s surroundings. During the build-up stage of the project, every event has left it´s mark and shaped the way of evolving work - a windwhirl in February that resulted in smashing of the Gallery mirror, the nearby park clearance, sproating willow branches and old rusty iron components, some found inside the storage room of the boat.
The installation became a playground for more creators that were invited to perform in the space - Filip Misek was a resident for a month during the time being of the project. He harvested the sounds from the installation as well as noises surrounding the enviroment of the historical port and nearby park. Filip performed during the opening of the exhibition and joined the closing event NOW+HERE=NOWHERE alongside other creators - noise duo Bakakuri, VJ Chuuu, butoh dancer Michiasu Furutani, Heike Nowotnik and her Ashfield and Myself.

The project was presented to the public in April 2022, the build up started in January same year.

Produced by Many Tentacles
special thanks to Sinclair Brazier