Generation: Regeneration

What is our role in this world?
Sometimes the best what we can do is to step aside.

Installation composed using hand made elderflower wood skeletons including Katrina's fawn, was part of a group exhibition 'Lauschen statt Rauschen'
in Gallery Neurotitan 2020

All photos by Leon De Backer

There is a lot to reflect on when it comes to this particular work. Because I brought living things into an indoor space where it is not easy to keep them in a good shape. You may ask why there was no watering system, I may answer, why there is no budget and we end up agreeing - I just come by often, I live near.
While first three and a half week of exhibition including installation time they were doing well on a regular watering base, the last week came heatwaves and I panicked. Instead of dying of the drought, half of the plants drowned.
The problem with rotting root is, that at first it is not that obvious. At the beginning foliage might look just a little unhappy, but immediate reaction is usually - more water. And a water spray! Especially if the soil on top of the pot is already dried up and air around dry as well. Another problem with rotting root is this - once You realise, it is usually too late.
I often meditate on all the other possible scenarios. Ivy is generally preferring to be outdoors, and if I'm not so greedy, I would donate all of them to Lisa Smith, wonderful illustrator who takes care of a garden in front of the Gallery. I gave her only few of plants, which one of seems to be doing pretty well. Most of the youngsters that I've planted out of our studio windows are making it through the winter, which is tough, but they keep on going!
But....the others I was so happy to decorate the studio with, died off. Other plants I took back home, those who were my companions before, they suffered and are still recovering. Here is another revelation - dust. Ivies really dislike dust. They cannot live long without showers. Just like me. And did I thought of it soon enough? No. Not really.
Another thing is, that such an amount of new comers doesn't come with a habit of catering for them. And while there are already many plants I care for, such an extended amount for indoor care with no fertiliser policy is a tough nut to chew on. After some time I became lazy. Especially when it just didn't seem like I'm making any difference at all (SHOWERS! I FORGOT ABOUTH THE SHOWERS!!).

Generation:regeneration is supposed to be an ongoing project. One that reminds me the duty I have towards the other beings that I share world with. Those that are or will come after me.
Having experiencing the opposite instead, teaches me the most obvious lesson we all shall acknowledge. The way how to keep flourishing is simple. You remember my panic mentioned above? The one that lead to overwatering?
We cannot provide completely for something that is greater than we are. Not in the spaces that are foreign to them. And even when we succeed, it is only temporary and it costs great amount of energy - energy, that must be withdrawn from somewhere else.
What are we doing here? And what are our plans? Are we aligning them with the livings? Or are we superiorly taking from them?
'Cause everything alive is nurtured by death. Who is dying for me to stay alive?
We shall be care-full with that.

Lots of love to all of You, that taught me this lesson. Rest in peace. Your loss will not be forgotten.
Instead, I will do my best to heal.
Thank You <3